Big news at Scott's Taxidermy!  I have officially gone full time with the taxidermy business!  I have retired from law enforcement after 24 years. ​

Scott's Taxidermy has been doing taxidermy for 23 years.  I am a self-taught artist that provides  a full service taxidermy shop for mammals, birds and fish.  I stay current with the latest techniques and products.  With the exception of small mammals, all hides are professionally tanned. Professional tanning provides a soft, pliable leather for tanned hides.  Professional tanning also provides a stable hide that results in no shrinking/cracking often found with self tans or dry preserving.  If you're looking to have your trophy bear made into a rug, all felt is sewn on, not glued, for years of durability.  Scott's Taxidermy is now also providing skull cleaning and hydro-dipping if you're looking for the euro look. Birds are where I got my start.  I had a pair of Wood Ducks mounted by another taxidermist 20 years ago-absolutely disappointed when I picked them up.  I thought to myself I could have done a better job myself.  The light "clicked on" and that's how I got started.  I do all types of birds- upland game, waterfowl and turkeys.  I started doing fish a few years ago because I would be crazy not to with all the lakes in the area.  I provide both skin mount and fiberglass reproduction services.  Freshwater and Saltwater fish are welcome

Scotts Taxidermy